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PDP PDDP712 700 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

The PDP by DW 700 Series Double Pedal is an innovative pedal designed for drummers of all music styles. Whether you're a hard rocker looking to blast out a double kick fill or a beginner working on developing your control and speed, the 700 Series has you covered. This pedal combines a sturdy build with an array of adjustable features so you can customize it. The pedal board is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum for a solid feel underfoot, while the linkage system uses DW's Zero Play universal joint for seamless and precise movement between the pedals.

Fully Adjustable Drive Cam and Spring Tension

The 700 Series gives you complete control over the feel of your pedal. Adjust the drive cam between round and offset shapes to suit your preferred playing style. Increase or decrease the spring tension with the built-in dial to make the pedals faster or slower to return. With a full range of adjustment, you can customize the action and responsiveness to match your footwork.

Reliable Direct Drive Linkage

The Direct Drive linkage connects the pedals using a single bar to eliminate excess motion and maximize power. This straightforward design produces a fast, accurate action, ideal for intricate double bass work. The zero-play universal joint also prevents lateral movement, so your pedals remain stable and centered under your feet.

Pedal Spacing and Beater Angle Control

Set the pedal spacing anywhere from tight together to widely spaced using the convenient heel adjustment. This allows for different foot positions and levels of control. You can also adjust the beater angle to change the impact spot on your bass drum heads. A shallow angle produces a punchy attack, while a steeper angle results in more resonance and bass.

Rugged Build Quality

Like all PDP and DW products, the 700 Series is built to handle the demands of regular use and touring. The pedal board, linkage, and frame are made of durable metals that resist wear and tear. Dual sided beater weights provide balanced and consistent performance. This road-ready pedal will keep up with your playing for years to come.


  • Quick, lightweight double pedal
  • Single-chain drive and concentric cam for an easy, retro-style feel
  • Includes two-way beaters with angle adjustment
  • Solid steel base plate is reinforced to last