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Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb Pedal V2

The Strymon Flint V2 tremolo & reverb pedal gives you a sonic time machine to explore the hypnotic tremolo and reverberated tones that shaped the sound of decades past. With nine adjustable parameters and three reverb algorithms modeled after vintage amplifiers from the '60s, '70s and '80s, you have creative control over a wide range of ambient and pulsating effects. Add to that three distinct tremolo circuits based on vintage amps from 1961, 1963 and 1965, and true-bypass circuitry with premium analog components, and the Flint V2 delivers an authentic tone experience.

Shape Your Sound With Extensive Tweakability

The Flint V2 puts you in the driver's seat with nine parameters to adjust the tremolo and reverb to your liking. Select between spring reverb, plate reverb or hall reverb, and blend in the tremolo effect of your choice, whether the harmonic '61 tremolo, swampy '63 power tube tremolo or sharp '65 photocell tremolo. Fine-tune the reverb decay, pre-delay, mix and tone as well as the tremolo intensity, speed and volume to craft your perfect retro-inspired tone.

Three Unique Reverbs From Yesteryear

The Flint V2 models three sought-after reverb types from vintage amps. The '60s spring reverb emulates the splashy, pulsing twang of early spring tank reverbs. The '70s electronic plate reverb recreates the dense, modulated tone of plate reverbs from that era. And the '80s hall rack reverb simulates the ambient, trembling pads of early digital rack effects. Blend these reverbs with your tremolo of choice for complex washes of tone that nod to the past.

Authentic Tremolo From Iconic Amps

The Flint V2's tremolo section is modeled after three vintage amp circuits from 1961, 1963 and 1965. The '61 harmonic tremolo produces a sonically complex pulse. The '63 power tube tremolo delivers a swampy, sultry throb. And the '65 photocell tremolo creates a sharp, balanced chop. Use these tremolos individually or blend them with the reverb algorithms for a hypnotic interplay of rhythmic pulses and ambient decay.

Premium Components and True Bypass

Under the hood, the Strymon Flint V2 features true-bypass switching and an all-analog front end and output section built from premium components to faithfully capture the tone of yesteryear's amps and effects. The result is an organic, musical quality free from the harshness that can plague some digital pedals.


  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Vintage amplifier tremolo with three different modes
  • Three classic and unique reverb algorithms
  • Extensive controls allow for easy manipulation