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Strymon TimeLine Multidimensional Delay Pedal

The Strymon TimeLine multi-delay pedal puts a world of delay options at your feet. It offers 12 distinct delay machines ranging from crisp digital delays to warm analog repeats to shimmering ice delays. You have extensive control over the sonic character and feel of each delay. Save up to 200 presets of your favorite sounds for instant recall.

12 Unique Delays From Digital to Analog to Shimmer

The TimeLine provides 12 unique delays to suit any mood or style. Get pristine, studio-quality digital delays. Warm up your tone with saturated tape and analog-style repeats. Add shimmer and sparkle with the ice-delay settings. There's a delay for every occasion. Tweak the settings to your heart's content and save your favorites as presets for quick recall during a performance.

Full MIDI Implementation for Advanced Control

The TimeLine offers full MIDI implementation so you can control and route the pedal with your MIDI gear. Change delay types, tap in tempos and alter parameter settings with your MIDI controller or DAW. Route the delay effects in series or parallel for complex delay combinations. The options for creative sound design are nearly limitless with MIDI control.

30-Second Stereo Looper Adds Layers

In addition to the wealth of delay options, the TimeLine includes a 30-second stereo looper. Record a rhythm loop or ambient soundscape, and then layer delay effects over the top. Come up with all-new sounds by combining loops and delays. The looper is a great tool for songwriting, practicing and live improvisation.

Delay Bliss for Musicians and Sound Designers

With 12 unique delay engines, extensive tone shaping controls, 200 presets, full MIDI implementation and a 30-second looper, the Strymon TimeLine multi-delay pedal delivers delay bliss for musicians, producers and sound designers. Whether you play rock, ambient, experimental or synth music, the TimeLine puts a world of delay options at your feet.


  • 12 unique delay machines
  • Save up to 200 presets
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • 30-second stereo looper